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Fiber optic sensor measurement of knife gate temperature

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Why does the knife switch need temperature measurement

With the increasing demand for power reliability, a certain component in a substation heats up severely and loses its original function, which means it will cause major power outages to users or major equipment damage accidents to the substation. The knife switch components of the substation, due to their rotatability and frequent operation, have always been the most vulnerable components to overheating and damage in the substation. In the safe operation system of power equipment, temperature is an important parameter to verify the normal operation of primary equipment. The connection parts of power equipment, due to changes in climate, equipment foundation, processing technology, environmental pollution, severe overload operation, contact oxidation, and other reasons, cause loose crimping, insufficient pressure, changes in contact parts, and ultimately increase contact resistance. When current passes through, the temperature rises, causing equipment aging, insulation decline, and in severe cases, triggering arc short circuits, burning out equipment, expanding the scope of equipment damage, reducing equipment service life, and even easily causing a fire and explosion of the equipment, especially the dynamic and static contact parts of the movable knife switch, which have a high failure rate, all of which constantly threaten the safe operation of power equipment.

What are the temperature measurement methods for the knife switch

The traditional inspection method uses manual operation or automatic program control of unmanned aerial vehicles with dual light cameras (visible light cameras and thermal infrared cameras) for inspection. Then, visible light photos and infrared photos are exported from the unmanned aerial vehicles. Then, by comparing the visible light photos, the knife switch equipment and contact points on the infrared photos are found and marked. Finally, the marked infrared photos are read using temperature measurement software to display the temperature of the knife switch contact points. However, due to the fact that there are at least dozens of infrared photos taken during a single inspection, and each photo contains more than 20 knife switch devices, manually marking the contact points of the knife switch on the infrared photos is very cumbersome and time-consuming. Moreover, it is difficult to directly find the knife switch equipment from infrared photos, and it is often necessary to compare visible light photos taken at the same time to determine the position of the knife switch in infrared photos. Manual marking may result in missed or incorrect labeling. At the same time, the inspection frequency of substations (at least once a day) is high, and the manual marking work is very time-consuming. There is an urgent need for a more efficient method to replace it.
The traditional temperature measurement methods for substation knife switches include infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement, point infrared temperature measurement, and wireless temperature measurement. The above temperature measurement methods either have low real-time performance, high cost, or are prone to damage and cannot automatically adjust the temperature. They cannot automatically cut open or close when the temperature of the knife switch suddenly rises.

Knife switch fiber optic temperature measurement device

The fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system is a device that controls the high-speed electric telescopic rod to work quickly and cut off when the temperature of the knife switch arm exceeds a certain set value, avoiding damage to electrical equipment caused by high temperature of the knife switch. More importantly, due to the large temperature difference between the two sides of the temperature difference generator on the knife switch, the power generation is large, and the fan simultaneously cools down on one side of the temperature difference generator. The temperature difference generator absorbs a large amount of heat. When the temperature of the knife switch arm drops below the set temperature, the controller controls the high-speed electric telescopic rod to quickly close the knife switch arm, achieving intelligent and automatic control of the knife switch, saving manpower and material resources, and reducing economic losses; Display the temperature signal directly and drive the local alarm device to send out information, providing a remote alarm output interface for connection to other information systems. Send the alarm and data information far to the monitoring center for real-time monitoring of the status of the unmanned substation switch, timely repair, and avoid economic losses.




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