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Manufacturer of Fiber Optic Perimeter Prevention and Alarm System for Oil Pipeline Vibration

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Pipelines are essential material transportation facilities for important systems such as natural gas, oil, urban heating, and gas. It is of great significance for the development of the national economy and the transportation of energy and materials. At the same time, pipeline facilities have a huge investment and are mostly located in trenches or buried below the ground. They have a certain degree of concealment in space. If they are damaged due to human or natural reasons, it is difficult to detect them in a timely manner. The leakage of flammable and explosive substances will bring great safety hazards. If this causes a fire or explosion accident, it will bring huge economic losses, and even cause significant casualties and social disorder.

Traditional pipeline monitoring methods rely on monitoring changes in pressure in pipeline sections or detecting problems such as pipeline deformation or leakage before they can be disposed of. Therefore, pipeline disposal often occurs after an event has occurred and has caused certain consequences. Currently, there is no reliable technical measure for effective monitoring of pipeline accidents in the early stages. If existing monitoring devices such as electromagnetic sensors are used, pipeline leakage may cause safety accidents such as fires or explosions, and it is not possible to achieve comprehensive monitoring of the entire pipeline. Therefore, it is necessary and urgent to develop a comprehensive and timely monitoring system and method that is less prone to other adverse reactions with pipeline media.

The fiber optic monitoring device for pipeline vibration can monitor and analyze municipal pipelines such as natural gas in real time, and can realize the detection and warning of natural gas pipeline infringement events and the detection and analysis of damage and leakage points.
A new type of fiber optic monitoring device for pipeline vibration, including induction devices, sensing devices, monitoring controllers, and warning devices; The sensing device is fixed on the pipeline, and the sensing device includes fiber optic cables laid along the pipeline and clamps used for installing fiber optic cables and forming a fixed connection with the pipeline; The sensing device includes a vibration collector for monitoring the vibration of fiber optic cables and a fiber optic thermometer for monitoring the temperature changes of fiber optic cables; The vibration collector and fiber optic thermometer are both connected to the monitoring controller signal, which is connected to the warning device signal and transmits warning information and sends warning commands to the warning device.

The fiber optic monitoring device for pipeline vibration is designed for monitoring the distribution of vibration and temperature in municipal pipelines such as natural gas. It can detect and warn of natural gas pipeline infringement events and detect and analyze damage and leakage points. The sensing monitoring is achieved through the induction measurement of the pipeline through fiber optic. By utilizing the advantages of fiber optic’s anti electromagnetic interference ability, convenient networking, and inherent large signal transmission bandwidth, the sensor for fiber optic vibration and temperature breaks through the limitations of electrical sensors. It provides a very effective monitoring method for environments that require explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, and even electromagnetic field interference, and realizes all-weather and all-round monitoring of the sub health status of natural gas and other pipelines through early detection and early warning.

The problem solved by the fiber optic perimeter prevention alarm system for oil pipeline vibration:
Prevent climbing, flipping, and destruction
Installation method: (1) Hanging net installation (2) Wall exposed installation (3) Buried type

The functional characteristics of the fiber optic perimeter protection alarm system for oil pipeline vibration:
1. Real time zone alarm.
2. It has a weather proof algorithm to shield against external interference such as wind and rain.
3. Equipped with an electronic map that visually displays the alarm area.
4. Sensitive alarm with minimal false alarms.
5. Multiple defense zones, one cable design, convenient installation.




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