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FJINNO is a manufacturer of fiber optic vibration alarms. Our independently developed vibration fiber optic detection system has superior performance and adopts the principle of fiber optic intrusion alarm system. We provide product information such as the fiber optic vibration perimeter alarm system, vibration fiber optic cable alarm system, vibration fiber optic cable system diagram, and how to install the fiber optic perimeter alarm system.

Advantages of Vibration Fiber Optic Intrusion Alarm System

Network communication interface:

The host has a built-in network module that allows for direct communication with the network, making it more stable and reliable than external network modules

Alarm output:

Output normally open and normally closed switch signal

Installation method:

Placing indoors

1. Multi level networking: The host can form a multi-level management system with smart keyboards and management platform software, providing customers with an overall solution

2. Specific function: Intelligent analysis of wind, rain, other vibrations, and human intrusion

3. Parameter adjustment: It is possible to adjust its output parameters and configuration through intelligent debugging software

4. Working principle: Fiber optic interferometer principle,

5. Management mode: able to work independently and adapt to different customer needs;

6. Vibration fiber optic cable signal interface: FC/APC; Sensitivity: 100% intrusion alarm

7. Vibration sensing optical cable: single-mode armored vibration sensing optical cable, allowable bending radius: static 10 times outer diameter of optical cable: dynamic 20 times outer diameter of optical cable, service life of optical cable: 25 years, operating temperature (℃): -40~+70; Fiber core: National standard G652D fiber core

8. The host is placed indoors with a one cable wiring method, and the front-end defense package does not require power supply.

9. Each output is a normally open and normally closed switch signal, which can be linked with video or lighting.

10. Anti zone vibration fiber optic signal collector, capable of cascading multiple 4 and 8 channels, 2U installation mode, system management platform mode, based on TCP/IP protocol,

11. 100M Ethernet; Supports TCP server and TCP client modes

12. The vibration fiber optic collector is placed in the main control room and adopts a vibration sensing integrated structure. Only one fiber optic cable is needed in the same direction. Higher sensitivity. Outdoor defense packages do not require power supply

Application scope of vibration fiber optic alarm system

The vibration fiber optic cable perimeter alarm system can be applied in flammable, explosive, and strong magnetic interference places, such as liquefied gas plants, dangerous goods warehouses, chemical plants, military goods warehouses, etc; It can also be applied to the prevention of key facilities and areas, such as electronic facility theft prevention, oil and gas pipeline damage prevention, urban rail signal line theft prevention, Olympic village perimeter prevention, airport perimeter prevention, border line intrusion prevention, etc. It can also replace traditional prevention methods and be applied to ordinary perimeter places, such as water plants, residential communities, villa communities, and other perimeter places!




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