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There are many different fiber optic temperature measurement manufacturers across the country. INNO provides fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement systems, distributed fiber optic temperature measurement systems, and fiber optic grating temperature sensors at reasonable prices. Welcome to contact us.

Distributed system fiber optic linear temperature sensing technology temperature detector is a real-time, online, and continuous temperature detection system software that integrates high-tech products such as electronic optics, electronic devices, signal detection, and electronic information technology. It has the characteristics of real-time monitoring, high temperature measurement accuracy, precise measurement spacing, precise positioning, basic safety, and no impact. It can be widely used by manufacturers and companies in Shenzhen and other places that need precise temperature measurement.

Main uses: cable bridge, cable tunnel construction, cable trench, high-voltage cable highway tunnel, subway tunnel, dam urban rail, comprehensive pipeline corridor conveyor belt in big cities, material stacking bridge, coal storage plant storage tank

According to the distributed system fiber optic sensor technology, the linear fiber optic fire accident monitoring system utilizes the sensitivity of diffuse light to temperature, maintaining accurate measurement of temperature changes. Distributed system fiber optic temperature sensing technology is a type of controller that uses all transmission fibers, and all fibers (optical cables) have the function of transmission and sensing technology. In the software of distributed system fiber optic temperature sensing technology system, when strong pulse light data signals are transmitted in the fiber optic cable (optical cable), the interaction force between the laser single pulse and the fiber molecular structure causes many weak backward scattering, including Rayleigh scattering, Raman scattering, and Brillouin scattering. Raman scattering is caused by thermal vibrations in the molecular structure of optical fibers, resulting in two types of light: non temperature sensitive Stokes light and temperature sensitive anti Stokes light. Each point in the optical fiber often has a very weak reverse transmission of laser data signals, which can be divided into Rayleigh scattering, Raman scattering, and Brillouin scattering. The compressive strength of the Raman scattering data signal is related to the temperature of the point, and the temperature distribution of all fiber controllers is obtained by testing the compressive strength of each point in the Raman scattering data signal. The laser emits a single pulse from the laser, which is coupled to the continuous fiber and generates transmission at each location. Using a photoelectric conversion module to convert the transmission spectrometer into electronic signals, and then expanding it, the collection module is used to solve noise reduction. The relative electronic signal of diffused light was calculated using a time-domain reflection surface manipulation module, and the temperature and position information of diffused light were obtained.

Distributed system fiber optic linear temperature sensing technology fire detector

Technical features and advantages:
The system software has high precision positioning speed. In order to improve the accuracy of measurement time, the use of high-speed data filters has technically solved the problem of large-scale digital filtering.
The laser emission device in the system software server emits hundreds of thousands of light single pulses per second, and outputs the average temperature of the sample to the display device.
Spread over feature:
Distributed system fiber optic sensing technology system software is a type of distributed system fiber optic temperature detection system software that can continuously and dynamically detect temperature transition data signals every 0.5m points within a range of 10km.
The sampling interval is 0.5m, the temperature pixel is 0.1c, and the temperature precision is 1c.
The accuracy level is 0.5m.
Coordination ability:
Distributed system fiber optic sensing technology system software is an online monitoring method.
The alarm system for all points within the detection scope shall be uploaded to the comprehensive detection system for no more than thirty seconds;
The system software server can display the car relay socket (working voltage dry point) on the fire alarm system control board, and can display the spacing between a set of dry point alarm systems;
The video surveillance system displays continuous dynamic monitor data signals, and the system software can set multi-level temperature alarms, that is, the system software can apply multi-level alarms and can adjust the basic temperature parameters of alarms based on different natural environments;
Alarm control areas can be programmed and designed according to customer regulations. Each system software can set no less than 300 different alarm control areas per kilometer to maintain environmental damage.
For the unique requirements of subway stations, the system software can be set to enter a system partition every 50 meters. When there is an abnormality in the system partition, the DTS system software will automatically package the alarm information content (such as location, alarm type, temperature, etc.) into the centralized detection system.
Compatibility mode:
The server of the distributed system fiber optic sensing technology system software is an open communication protocol that presents a computer interface with the service center.
The system software can be connected to other control devices such as PCs and fire alarm system software based on RS232, RS485, embedded automotive relays, RJ45 or other industrial production protocols, to carry out sound and light alarms.
The distributed system fiber optic sensing technology system software must be integrated into different control panels based on different alarm zones and output data signals.
System authorization management, trustworthy
Customers can expect system updates in the future.
Distributed system fiber optic sensing technology system software has a security record function, which can store all historical records of distributed operation up to now, and can apply portable computers to download data information;
If the optical fiber is damaged, the system software can accurately locate the damage point, have self diagnosis function, and based on the welding of the optical fiber fusion machine, reasonable online monitoring has key practical significance;
The safety level of the laser meets Level 1 (the laser is completely harmless to the body when exposed);
The optical refraction data signal is reliable for testing optical fibers.

Introduction to Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement Products:
The software of the fiber optic temperature sensing technology system consists of a signal analysis module (fiber optic server), temperature sensing technology fiber optic (relatively sensitive components), and customer mobile software. The signal analysis module can be wall mounted or integrated cabinet mounted.
Signal analysis module (fiber optic server)
The signal analysis module is embedded with a fiber optic temperature detection and control module, an industrial automation integrated machine, a touch screen display screen, and a DC 24V switch power supply (immediately apply the fire alarm system). The functions of information content display, temperature detection, information content storage, and firepower point connection. GB/T12473-1989 Signal analysis equipment has a small structure, convenient installation, and stability
The temperature sensitive optical fiber is made of metal material with spiral armor structure, suitable for long-term operation in -40C-120C natural environment. It has advantages such as corrosion resistance, compressive strength, and wear resistance, and can work in extreme natural environments for a long time.
Customer mobile software
The software monitoring software for the fiber optic temperature detection system is independently developed and designed. The system operates on Windows, Chinese pages, with simple and clear practical operation, suitable for keyboard, mouse, and touch screen operation. It maintains the following functions: real-time collection of temperature data information in the monitoring area, and real-time database storage. Real time display of data information: Real time display of temperature distribution curves in areas where information is collected and detected, as well as temperature change curves over time. Multi level alarm: Each region can set three types of alarms: temperature alarm, temperature rate alarm, and regional temperature difference alarm. Precise measurement of sub regions: It can plan the precise measurement area into lengths and detect some areas with partial focus. Main view: Multi window application, Chinese page, thoroughly based on the customer’s logical main view (reasonable layout or roadmap of cable and power circuits), displaying the global situation of the customer’s machinery and equipment.




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