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Vibration fiber optic cable perimeter alarm fiber optic perimeter security monitoring system

Fiber optic perimeter monitoring system

Since the initiation of pipeline transportation projects both domestically and internationally, research on online monitoring methods for third-party damage to pipelines has begun. After decades of development, significant achievements have also been made. The traditional method of manual inspection has successfully discovered multiple pipeline safety accidents and achieved significant economic benefits. However, these monitoring methods are mostly post event monitoring, and can only be monitored and located after an accident occurs. Distributed fiber optic vibration sensor is a fiber optic sensing system developed in recent years for real-time measurement of spatial vibration distribution. The optical cable laid in the same trench as the pipeline serves as a sensing medium to perceive risks along the pipeline. Through machine learning, it intelligently identifies intrusion events along the pipeline, achieving real-time monitoring, positioning, early warning, and alarm of the pipeline.

Important security activity venues such as residential areas, oil fields, prisons, etc. require high levels of security. On site monitoring presents the characteristics of multiple monitoring points, wide distribution, and even complex interactions between multiple security units and mobile personnel, making the prevention and control of the site more difficult. In order to make more efficient use of limited security resources, there is an urgent need to build a highly informationized, intelligent, and rapidly deployable new type of perimeter prevention and control system, to carry out efficient, high confidence, and large-scale automated perimeter prevention and control of security venues.

The application of vibration fiber optic cable perimeter system

With the advancement of technology and the overall development of security, the technology of perimeter protection systems is constantly being updated. Today’s perimeter protection alarm systems mainly include infrared detection perimeter alarm systems, pulse electronic fence perimeter alarm systems, vibration fiber optic cable perimeter alarm systems, leakage cable perimeter alarm systems, tension type fence perimeter alarm systems, intelligent video analysis perimeter alarm systems, etc. The vibration fiber optic cable perimeter prevention and control technology is favored by the industry for its low false alarm rate, high reliability, high detection accuracy, easy deployment of passive detection, and relatively low cost. However, the traditional fiber optic perimeter alarm system has a low level of intelligence and is difficult to meet the current requirements for intelligence and low false alarm rate. Therefore, it is urgent to develop a highly intelligent perimeter security system that can intelligently perceive the prevention and control status of activity venues, automatically alert and display relevant information for behaviors such as crossing boundaries and crossing walls, and provide technical support for staff decision-making.

Fiber optic perimeter security system, used for medium and short distance perimeter intrusion monitoring. The system consists of a host and vibration optical cables deployed on the perimeter, enabling the perimeter to have tactile sensing capabilities, real-time monitoring of vibration information and various intrusion events occurring on the perimeter, and displaying the intrusion location through electronic maps. Simultaneously linked with the video surveillance system, the perfect combination of tactile perception and visual perception is achieved, capturing intrusion images and videos in a timely manner, thereby enabling 24-hour uninterrupted real-time monitoring of deployed areas without blind spots. It has excellent intelligence and low false alarm performance, making it a perfect replacement for traditional perimeter alarm systems such as infrared targeting and electronic fences.

Characteristics of Fiber Optic Perimeter Security Monitoring System

1) Support docking with other network monitoring products, form a video linkage system, and timely capture intrusion images and recordings;

2) Single host can monitor distance: single end straight-line distance of 5 kilometers, dual end straight-line distance of 10 kilometers (expandable);

3) Can distinguish non-human invasion situations such as wind and rain, and reduce false alarms;

4) No power supply is required in the defense area;

5) Passive defense zone, explosion-proof, anti lightning, anti electromagnetic interference, no spark generation, very suitable for petroleum and petrochemical security, airport security, border line security, prison security, and substation security;

6) Fiber optic is inherently safe and can be used in high-risk environments;

7) Support multi machine parallel connection and expand monitoring boundaries;

8) Multiple alarm methods and remote maintenance management;

9) Can be used in conjunction with electronic maps for precise positioning;

10) The system is easy to construct and has low maintenance costs;

11) The laying method of vibration optical cables is flexible, supporting various forms such as hanging nets, embedded walls, and buried underground, and is very suitable for irregular boundaries.



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