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The composition of a distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system for cables

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Composition of cable distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system

Has greater experimental work ability, namely 8 safety channels/10 kilometers. According to the new project regulations, select 8 safety channel temperature detection servers. Detect the temperature of three-phase cables a, b, and c in safety channels 1, 2, and 3 respectively, and detect the temperature of three-phase cables b and c in safety channels 4, 5, and 6. Send the output data signal of the temperature measurement server to the server for display information and alarm output, and transmit the data to other video monitoring systems according to the rs-485 interface.

The system software can set the real-time monitoring mobile phone client in other parts of the power plant, and the internal Internet of the power plant can push commands to the video monitoring system according to the electronic computer video monitoring system of the remote control terminal equipment.
System software composition
The system software consists of an electronic computer service center, a fiber optic temperature detection server, and a temperature sensing technology cable temperature detection mobile software.

Software characteristics of distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system

(a) The key electronic and optical components used in fiber optic temperature measuring instruments, such as lasers and avalanche photodiodes, are well-known overseas brand products with excellent performance indicators and reliability.
The optical switch is the key to fiber optic temperature measurement instruments. By using excellent micro machine optoelectronic power switches, the service life of the power switch can reach 109 times, which is 100 times that of traditional electromechanical engineering optical switches.
(b) The fiber optic temperature detection server adopts a low-energy centrifugal fan design scheme, and the power of the temperature detection server does not exceed 200000.
(d) Choose embedded applications with small size, stable system software, and no vulnerable components such as plug-in card acquisition cards, solid-state drives, and storage tapes.
(e) The fiber optic temperature detection host system adopts an industrial embedded Linux computer operating system, which is stable and reliable, not easily affected by viral infections and erosion, and not prone to system software death, crash, and other situations.
(f) The human-machine interactive communication socket mobile software is independently developed and designed by enterprises. The mobile software is visual, easy to operate, and has limited computer resources. It can be improved according to the needs of customers.
(g) Application of invention patents for remote control of unmanned fire accident detection, warning information, alarms, linkage solutions, and SMS alarm function.
(h) The system software has been tested according to the model specifications of the linear fiber temperature sensitive smoke detector (GB/T21197-2007) of the National Fire Electronic Equipment Quality Supervision and Testing Center.

Application scope and services of distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system

Temperature sensing technology: Chemical fibers have characteristics such as anti-interference signal, corrosion resistance, vibration resistance, flame retardancy, explosion-proof type, and high insulation layer compressive strength. They can work in extreme natural environments such as high temperature, low temperature, and severe environmental pollution.

The distributed system pre light temperature measurement system software presents a high aspect ratio open computer interface, which can fully open communication protocols to customers for free. The open protocol book can consider the necessity of integrated detection information system integration and can collaborate with ordinary users to develop and design an integrated detection system service platform. If the customer specifies that the fiber optic fire accident monitoring system should use the communication protocol of the subway station itself, the enterprise can also cooperate with each other in the relevant development and design work.

The system software has a strong self diagnostic function, which can immediately and accurately identify common fault areas. In order to monitor temperature sensitive optical fibers in real-time online, if the temperature sensitive optical fibers are damaged or broken, the system software will immediately send out common fault alarm information, accurate customer common fault location information, and customers will accurately locate the information content to the manufacturer, manufacturer to the fiber melting repair point.




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