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Distributed fiber optic temperature sensing system, characteristics, manufacturer

With the emergence of new technologies such as digital power grids, cable lines are becoming increasingly large, and therefore cable line faults have become a focus of attention. The surface temperature of power cables reflects the operation of the cables, the actual operating load of the cable system, and the occurrence of anomalies are closely related to the temperature of the cable system. Therefore, temperature monitoring of power cables has become a key research topic today. Due to factors such as the production quality of cables, the scheduling level of operating units, and the current majority of cable monitoring devices, the average cable failure rate in China is higher than that in countries such as Europe and America. Therefore, studying an effective temperature monitoring system for power cables can take timely measures to prevent accidents from occurring.

The long-distance distributed fiber optic temperature sensing system (DTS) adopted by FJINNO can detect faults in power cables. Once it is found that the measured environmental temperature value exceeds the upper and lower limits of the standard alarm temperature, the long-distance distributed fiber optic temperature sensing system (DTS) will directly send real-time alarm signals to the monitoring system through communication, and the monitoring system will take relevant measures after confirmation. The distributed fiber optic sensing system has high-quality safety, lightning protection, explosion-proof, and electromagnetic interference resistance; Resistant to adverse environmental impacts and has good tolerance; Can provide real-time online monitoring; Simple construction and maintenance free; The detection part is completely transmitted through optical fiber, which is inherently safe for explosion and lightning protection, and can completely eliminate the influence of electromagnetic interference; The fiber optic cable has excellent durability design, with a detection cable lifespan of up to 30 years. It has resistance to environmental impacts such as temperature, pressure, and humidity fluctuations, and is also suitable for air with high levels of dust and corrosive substances.

Characteristics of Distributed Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement System

1: It has the advantages of real-time online, high sensitivity, high measurement accuracy, and high reliability;

2: Has inherent safety, anti electromagnetic interference, and lightning protection requirements, and strong environmental adaptability;

3: Suitable for remote real-time online monitoring;

4: Long lifespan and simple system.

Application scope of long-distance distributed fiber optic temperature sensing system

1: Cable trays, cable tunnels, and cable trenches;

2: Urban underground pipe gallery;

3: Pipeline temperature, pipe bridge, pipe hole, and thermal pipeline leakage;

4: Petrochemical and oil storage tanks;



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