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Manufacturers of fiber optic grating temperature sensors and fiber optic grating tunnel fire monitoring systems

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Fiber optic grating temperature sensor is a component of fiber optic grating tunnel fire monitoring system. Fiber optic grating temperature measurement system can be applied in many occasions, such as tunnel cables, switchgear, fire protection, etc.

The fiber optic grating tunnel fire monitoring system is a linear fiber optic grating temperature sensing fire alarm system developed by FJINNO company based on its own product technology advantages and long-term application experience in multiple industries, especially for places such as highway tunnels and subway tunnels. By adopting patented technologies such as encoding gratings and broadband gratings, the problem of fire alarm in a 20km tunnel without relay has been solved, breaking the monopoly of foreign fiber optic Raman technology in this field. It has been successfully applied in an 18km tunnel and promoted to more than 50 other tunnels.

Characteristics of Fiber Bragg Grating Tunnel Fire Monitoring System

No electricity detection, intrinsic safety explosion-proof;

Using grating for signal detection, the signal is digitized and not affected by fluctuations in light intensity, resulting in high detection accuracy;

Set fire compartments according to different wavelengths, perform synchronous detection, and truly achieve real-time monitoring;

Realize differential temperature composite alarm, with accurate and reliable alarm;

The system has self checking function, which can monitor its own operation in real time and output fault alarm sound and light signals;

Using optical fiber to transmit signals, resistant to electromagnetic interference, and with good operational stability;

Low signal attenuation, capable of long-distance transmission, achieving remote monitoring;

The system composition is convenient and flexible, with each detection system relatively independent, compact structure, and easy installation and maintenance;

Good corrosion resistance, not afraid of moisture, and long service life.

Adopting advanced digital demodulation methods, proprietary patented technology, and the latest production processes;

Differential temperature alarm predicts/alarms based on the rate of temperature rise in cable trenches/cable joints, with good predictive ability;

The total time for rapid response to temperature detection, signal processing, and judgment shall not exceed 20 seconds;

Accurately locate the alarm points to each temperature sensor, with a spacing of generally 5-12.5 meters and adjustable deployment spacing;

Visual operation of temperature list, temperature distribution curve, temperature and alarm history records on the interface;

Real time self inspection and calibration, saving time and effort, with high reliability and accuracy;

Long term stability is achieved through the use of non adhesive packaging technology, which has strong protective capabilities and is suitable for measurement in high temperature and humidity environments, avoiding creep and drift that are prone to occur in traditional packaging processes. The normal operating life is over 20 years;

Good adaptability through various commonly used output interfaces;




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