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Fiber optic sensing analyzer suitable for temperature, strain, pressure, displacement fiber optic grating sensors

Model: INNO-FBG-01
Channel count: 1/4/6/8/16/32/64 channels (customizable according to customer needs)
Wavelength spacing: Temperature: 1-40; Strain: 1-18; Displacement: 1-12; Pressure: 1-12
Sampling interval: minimum value 0.4nm
Sampling frequency: Synchronous measurement speed is 1-100Hz
External dimensions: 430mm x 350mm x 88mm
Temperature measurement index: Resolution: 0.1 ℃; Measurement accuracy: ± 0.5
Strain measurement index: Resolution: < 0.1% F S. ; Measurement accuracy: < 0.3% F S
Displacement measurement index: Resolution: < 0.1% F S. ; Measurement accuracy<0.3% F S
Remote monitoring capability: 40 km; Without considering additional losses, higher special requirements can be customized
Working voltage: 220V ± 10%, 50Hz
Maximum power consumption: Typical value: 30W; Maximum value: 40W
Data interface: Supports 10M Ethernet port and RS485 output
Working environment/humidity: -10~55 ℃/0~80% RH without condensation
Storage environment/humidity: -20~80 ℃/0~95% RH without condensation
Wavelength range: 1525-1565nm
Wavelength resolution: 1pm
Wavelength repeatability: typical value: 1pm; Maximum value: 2pm
Wavelength accuracy: ± 3pm
Optical interface: FC/APC
Dynamic detection range: Output optical power: 0-20dB, minimum detectable optical power: -70dB (allowing fiber optic line loss to approach 50dB, which is 100000 times)
Software: Based on the Windows operating system; Standard MODBUS communication protocol interface; Provide DLL dynamic link libraries or define corresponding software communication protocols according to user requirements.

  • Product Details

The fiber optic grating sensing analyzer is suitable for signal demodulation and sensing data acquisition of various types of fiber optic grating sensors, such as temperature, strain, pressure, displacement, etc.
The fiber optic grating sensing analyzer adopts high-power laser light source and high-speed multi-channel parallel light detection technology. Compared with traditional ASE light source technology, the output light power of the light source is over 85%, the output power of the light source is increased by more than 100 times, and the power consumption is reduced by 50%. The effective service life of the light source is increased by more than 10 years, which can accurately detect weak fiber optic grating sensing signals caused by fiber optic transmission line losses or cascaded losses of optical splitters in engineering sites.

The fiber optic grating sensing analyzer has 1-32 synchronous measurement channels, and the synchronous scanning frequency can be set between 1-350Hz. The acquisition time of each measurement channel is strictly synchronized, and each channel can be connected to 1-20 sensors. It is equipped with an online calibration wavelength reference module, which does not require calibration after leaving the factory. It can ensure a measurement accuracy of ± 3pm within the working temperature range.

The fiber optic grating sensing analyzer is an integrated analyzer with a built-in low-power embedded processor, which is stable and reliable in performance, and meets the needs of long-term online monitoring in the industrial measurement field and mobile measurement in field construction sites. The entire chassis size is standard 2U, including the following interfaces:

10M/100M Ethernet interface: 1
RS232 or RS485 interfaces: 2
VGA display interface: 1
USB interface: 2
PS/2 keyboard and mouse interface: 1
Sound and light alarm: 1 unit
Relay output interface: 4 channels

application area

Online temperature monitoring of power and chemical equipment

Industrial fire automatic alarm

Industrial production temperature and pressure measurement

Bridge structure health monitoring

Observation of stress and deformation of dams

Product features

High precision

high reliability

Fast measurement speed

1-32 channel capacity can be smoothly expanded

Compatible with similar fiber optic grating sensors from domestic and foreign manufacturers


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