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Manufacturer of distributed fiber optic online temperature vibration strain monitoring system

Distributed optical fibers can be applied in different fields, such as power equipment, rail transit, tunnel cables, natural gas and oil pipelines, etc., and can monitor parameters such as temperature, vibration, strain, pressure, etc.

Application of Distributed Fiber Optic Temperature Online Monitoring System

The distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system utilizes the principle of fiber optic Raman scattering and OTDR technology to achieve products with fiber optic as the sensing carrier and distributed temperature measurement. Raman temperature measurement technology is currently a relatively mature technology and has been widely applied.

The distributed fiber optic temperature sensing system has advantages such as distributed temperature measurement, intrinsic safety, passive explosion-proof, anti electromagnetic interference, corrosion resistance, long service life, long measurement distance, and low maintenance cost. It is widely used in fields such as oil tank fire protection, crude oil transmission leakage monitoring, power tunnel temperature measurement, and belt conveyor status temperature monitoring.

Application of Distributed Fiber Optic Vibration Monitoring System

Suitable for detection in long-distance, large-scale, and harsh environments

Continuous, real-time, non-contact measurement (single machine detection with a maximum distance of 30-40km)

Passive drive, no need for power supply or backup power on site

Powerful detection and monitoring functions, suitable for multi vibration event monitoring and accurate positioning, with a spatial resolution of 1m and a system response frequency 2kHz@50km

High sensitivity and fast response speed; Stable and reliable measurement, low false alarm rate, less than 1%

Flexible deployment, adaptable to various spatial environments, and particularly suitable for harsh environments such as flammable, explosive, and strong electromagnetic interference. Easy to operate, manage, and maintain.

Distributed fiber optic strain monitoring

The distributed fiber optic strain monitoring system utilizes the sensitivity of the frequency of backscattered Brillouin light in the fiber optic to external stress and temperature, and has a good linear relationship. By demodulating the backscattered signal of the fiber optic, the strain and temperature information distributed on the fiber optic can be obtained. Fiber optic is both a sensing element and a transmission medium, and it is flexible and bendable. It can be composite in any form in the matrix structure without affecting the performance of the matrix. It is mainly used for monitoring the strain of dams, embankments, bridges, and other concrete structures. In terms of geological hazard monitoring, it can be applied to slope prevention engineering, landslide disasters, ground collapse, and ground settlement monitoring.



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