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Online temperature measurement system for high and low voltage distribution cabinets

Why do high-voltage power equipment need temperature measurement
With the increasing proportion of power equipment in people’s lives, the high electricity consumption leads to a severe test of the load capacity of distribution equipment. The continuous rise in temperature has a serious impact on distribution cabinets. Accidents caused by high-temperature explosions in distribution cabinets in summer often occur, which inevitably poses a danger to the operation of power equipment and also causes losses to the country. The traditional temperature monitoring of distribution cabinets uses artificial infrared thermal imaging thermometers, but the disadvantage is that the temperature measurement is not accurate enough, and it also requires a lot of manpower to inspect each distribution cabinet facility, often resulting in missed detections and unexpected situations. Human inspection may lead to energy issues and even fire and explosion accidents, so how to effectively and accurately monitor the temperature of all distribution cabinets is a temperature monitoring task that every power equipment company must complete. Due to the requirements of the working environment of sealed distribution cabinets, the temperature monitoring characteristics of sealed high and low voltage distribution cabinet equipment are that the working environment is a closed and narrow space. Under long-term operation, with the aging of various electronic components and wires and cables, the busbar, cable joints, contact inlet and outlet lines of electrical equipment will increase due to dust, looseness, and oxidation, causing an increase in contact resistance and heating temperature rise. In addition, the faulty temperature rise parts may cause various safety hazards when continuing to operate. However, due to the sealing requirements of sealed distribution cabinets, it is difficult to manually monitor the true temperature inside the distribution cabinet using infrared thermometers. Moreover, traditional temperature measurement equipment is non-contact thermometers, And it is easily affected by various environmental factors such as electromagnetic or high and low temperatures inside the distribution cabinet, resulting in inaccurate temperature measurement and unstable operation. Therefore, accurate online real-time temperature measurement of sealed distribution cabinets has become a key requirement in the temperature measurement industry.

Traditional temperature measurement methods, such as the temperature sensor of PT100 thermocouple, cannot meet the requirements of high voltage and high current situations. Infrared temperature measurement has large deviation, low efficiency, heavy inspection tasks, and the temperature indicator wax cannot be effectively monitored online.

The temperature measurement and monitoring of the distribution cabinet is an important system to ensure the reliable operation of the distribution cabinet, The fiber optic temperature measurement system for high-voltage distribution cabinets independently developed by FJINNO mainly uses contact type fiber optic temperature sensor probes, selects point type temperature measurement method, and transmits data through temperature sensing fiber optic, avoiding problems such as high voltage electromagnetic interference and radio frequency radiation. It has the characteristics of easy installation, accurate temperature measurement, safe and reliable data transmission, and can provide timely feedback on the temperature information of the contacts, effectively preventing accidents in high-voltage distribution cabinets. Fiber optic sensors have better temperature measurement capabilities.

The fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement module is an integrated temperature measurement system configuration based on the principle of fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement. Fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors have unique technological advantages in industrial temperature measurement under extreme temperature environments such as high voltage and strong electromagnetic interference. The fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement module and probe independently developed by FJINNO have the advantages of intrinsic safety, strong electromagnetic interference resistance, good electrical insulation, lightning protection, high precision, stable performance, long service life, corrosion resistance, and small volume.



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