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At present, various types of low-voltage distribution cabinets are developing towards miniaturization and compactness. Due to the relatively enclosed cabinet and narrow internal space, electrical equipment operates at full load for a long time, resulting in heat accumulation and temperature rise. Moreover, the temperature of the heating parts of these equipment cannot be monitored in real-time manually. Therefore, long-term high-temperature operation can easily damage the insulation performance of electrical equipment, affect the normal operation of the system, and cause economic losses.

The existing switchgear temperature is manually monitored, which is labor-intensive, inaccurate, and cannot be continuously monitored at multiple points. The existing high-voltage cabinets do not have an automatic monitoring system. However, during long-term operation, the power cables of the high-voltage cabinets age, and the contacts of the switches heat up due to aging or excessive contact resistance. Long term high current, cables and switches operate under high load, which can easily cause contact erosion or high-temperature deformation and carbonization of the insulation isolation cover, leading to accidents. FJINNO provides an intelligent temperature measurement and monitoring system for low-voltage switchgear.

Copper busbar trunking has increasingly replaced wires and cables in indoor low-voltage power transmission trunk projects, and has become an important branch of distribution equipment, widely used in various industries. However, in the practical application of copper bars entering wire ducts, due to long-term operation in the air and the influence of ambient temperature and humidity, thermal expansion and contraction, surface scaling, oxidation or corrosion may occur, resulting in loose contacts and poor contact. The copper bar entering wire joints during operation may experience abnormal temperature overheating, which may lead to fire or major safety accidents. During operation, the copper busbar entering the wire duct is in a fully enclosed state, so it is necessary to monitor the temperature of the copper busbar entering the wire duct joint to improve the reliability of the operation of the copper busbar entering the wire duct.

Fiber optic temperature measurement system for incoming cabinet

1. The fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement device can measure the temperature of the incoming and outgoing lines, busbars, contacts, and other positions of the switchgear;

2. Fiber optic temperature measurement, multi-channel and multi-channel temperature measurement, capable of three, six, nine temperature measurements, etc;

3. High voltage resistance, anti-interference, insulation, and stable temperature measurement. The products provided by FJINNO comply with international technical standards.

4. The manufacturer provides attentive service, independently develops and produces, and provides after-sales support.





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