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Disadvantages of infrared wireless temperature measurement device for switchgear

Disadvantages of temperature monitoring during switchgear inspection

At present, the monitoring of the surface and contact temperature of power grid equipment is mostly still in the manual inspection stage, and there are also methods such as wireless temperature measurement, but each has its own shortcomings. Electric power workers manually measure the temperature of switch cabinet contacts using specialized instruments such as infrared thermometers. However, due to the large number of switchgear, manual inspections are inefficient. The high-voltage part of the power grid equipment is mostly a closed structure. Due to safety reasons, manual monitoring is not thorough, and the phenomenon of missed detection and reporting is serious. The judgment of the development of hidden dangers is often limited to the professional level of monitoring personnel, with a large degree of arbitrariness, making it difficult to provide reliable criteria for equipment maintenance. So the manual inspection method of non real-time monitoring clearly does not meet the requirements of distribution network automation.

How about wireless temperature measurement for switchgear

The currently popular wireless temperature measurement method, due to the high voltage, high temperature, high magnetic field, and extremely strong electromagnetic interference environment where the high-voltage switch contacts and busbar are connected, commonly used thermal resistance and thermocouple temperature sensors are made of metal materials and require metal wires to transmit signals. Therefore, wireless communication can only be used for high and low voltage isolation; Electronic sensors require batteries or small current transformers to provide power to the temperature measurement chip, and then transmit the signal obtained by the temperature measurement chip wirelessly to the receiver through the wireless chip. Although this scheme achieves wireless transmission of temperature signals, the battery needs to be replaced regularly for power supply, and the battery has poor high-temperature resistance, which affects the operation of the power department; However, using a current transformer for energy harvesting results in a larger volume of the sensing head, and the placement of the sensor has a significant impact on the convenience of electricity harvesting, lacking universal adaptability.

Is the infrared temperature measurement of the switchgear good

The use of infrared temperature measurement for online monitoring can only measure the surface temperature of the equipment, and the temperature measurement area is large. The measurement structure cannot reflect the actual temperature of temperature measurement points such as contacts and wire joints, and is easily affected by environmental temperature and surrounding magnetic fields. In addition, the infrared temperature measurement probe needs to maintain a certain safe distance from the measured object and face the surface of the measured object directly. In small space switchgear, it is not possible to install an infrared temperature measurement probe to obtain the correct temperature.



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