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switchgear contact temperature online monitoring fiber optics temperature sensor

The overheating faults caused by abnormal temperature rise of high-voltage switchgear or insulation materials mostly occur in high current connection parts (such as switch contacts, busbar connection points, high-voltage cable joints, and other special parts). Therefore, it is necessary to monitor and control the temperature rise of high current overheating parts in real-time in high-voltage switchgear. By using an online monitoring system for real-time monitoring, we can grasp the real-time temperature rise situation of these parts that are prone to abnormal temperature rise. This not only improves the automation level of high-voltage switchgear monitoring and control, but also provides detailed and reasonable data information for the dynamic maintenance and repair of switchgear. In practical engineering, it has been found that the implementation of online status monitoring technology for high-voltage switchgear has not been updated or improved, which can reduce the average annual equipment maintenance cost of the power system by 25% to 45%. At the same time, the system can automatically diagnose the possible fault points of switchgear, thereby shortening the power outage maintenance time by more than 60% and greatly improving the safety and reliability of switchgear power supply.

Infrared temperature sensor for high-voltage switchgear

The infrared temperature measurement system for high-voltage switchgear avoids direct contact with high current temperature measurement points and is a non-contact temperature measurement method. However, this method can only measure the temperature rise on the surface of electrical equipment and cannot measure the real-time temperature of the large overcurrent components inside the high-voltage switchgear cabinet. It is susceptible to environmental temperature and electromagnetic interference from the electrical equipment. Additionally, the installation location of the infrared probe must maintain a certain safe distance from the measured object, and manual operation is required during the temperature measurement process, which is not conducive to the online monitoring of temperature rise in high-voltage switchgear.

Fiber optic temperature sensor for high-voltage switchgear

The online monitoring system for temperature rise of high-voltage switchgear based on fiber optic sensing takes n 110KV switchgear cabinets distributed in different positions of the power plant as monitoring objects. The temperature sensing fiber optic is used to collect real-time data on the parts of the enclosed high-voltage switchgear that are prone to temperature rise anomalies (including the isolation switch contact, busbar overlap, and 110Kv high-voltage cable joints). In order to reflect the comprehensive temperature rise of each phase inside the high-voltage switch, the system sets corresponding temperature monitoring points on all three phases inside the switchgear. Due to the characteristic of free space temperature measurement in fiber optic temperature measurement systems, there is no need to set up dedicated monitoring points inside the switchgear. Only reasonable fiber optic wiring along the arrangement position of the switchgear can meet the temperature measurement requirements of the system.

The indoor high-voltage switchgear temperature rise online monitoring system based on fiber optic temperature measurement is an advanced comprehensive automation temperature rise monitoring and control system that integrates advanced technologies such as power technology, computer technology, communication technology, and fiber optic technology. It improves the automation level of temperature monitoring inside the high-voltage switchgear cabinet, realizes real-time monitoring of temperature rise inside the switchgear cabinet at different locations on site from the central station, reduces the workload of comprehensive maintenance of the switchgear, and ensures the safe, reliable, energy-saving, and efficient power supply of the switchgear equipment.



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