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Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement for cable joints

Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement for cable joints

The ring main unit is the main medium voltage equipment of the intelligent distribution room. Actual operating experience has shown that virtual connections, material aging, wear, overload, and other issues in cable joints or plugs can easily cause excessive contact resistance, overheating during operation, and ultimately lead to insulation burning, resulting in short circuits between lines or phases, instantly leading to fire accidents;

The fiber optic temperature sensor is embedded in the insulation plug of the T-shaped joint of the ring main cabinet. The fiber optic sensor directly contacts the metal part at the end of the plug, and monitors the temperature inside the T-shaped joint in real time;

The fiber optic sensor is embedded inside the product during the pouring of the plug, completely embedded with the plug, without changing the original form of the plug and cable head, and without reducing the performance of the cable head and the entire cabinet;

The plug and whole machine of the pre installed fiber optic sensor can pass the partial discharge test and withstand voltage test normally;

Fiber optic sensors have good flexibility, high physical hardness, are not easily damaged, and have a long service life;

Sensors can be customized according to needs, including: sensor length, probe type, sensor sheath material (ceramic, glass, plastic or other insulation materials);

Fiber optic temperature sensors have fast response, high accuracy and stability, good insulation, long service life, and are maintenance free;

The temperature signal output is a digital signal, which can be used for personalized applications in the background, such as alarms, warning notifications, remote monitoring, etc. Temperature information can also be integrated into other systems.

The wireless communication part can be customized into modules based on different transmission protocols, supporting various transmission protocols such as IoT and smart grid.



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