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IDC computer room environment fiber optic temperature measurement system

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The fiber optic temperature measurement system, as a subsystem of the IDC computer room environmental monitoring system, uses a single fiber optic to achieve temperature monitoring and signal transmission. It comprehensively utilizes the fiber optic Raman scattering effect and optical time-domain reflection measurement technology to measure the spatial temperature distribution along the fiber optic in real time. A sensing fiber optic is laid in all cabinets in the IDC computer room according to certain routing rules, which can achieve real-time and accurate temperature information collection for the designated measurement points of each cabinet.

Using fiber optic temperature measurement for online peak monitoring of cabinet microenvironment temperature, finely monitoring temperature distribution. Once the temperature exceeds the preset alarm value, real-time alarm will be triggered to avoid server downtime accidents caused by overheating; By analyzing historical temperature data, make trend judgments on potential accidents, provide early warning, and avoid accidents from occurring; Multiple alarm methods, including Ethernet, SMS, etc; Reserve expansion interfaces, with the possibility of connecting and linking with the air conditioning system, to assist in the overall planning of the computer room, use the computer room air conditioning system reasonably and effectively, improve resource utilization, and achieve on-demand allocation of air conditioning resources.




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