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Characteristics of Fiber Bragg Grating Temperature Sensing Fire Detection System

The necessity of using fiber optic temperature measurement system in fire warning system

With the continuous development of urbanization, there are more and more cables and high-voltage switchgear in power grid construction, and the probability of faults is also increasing. According to fault statistics, it was found that the failure rate of cables and switches has been increasing year by year. Moreover, most fire accidents are caused by high temperatures. Therefore, before a fire occurs, timely and accurate monitoring of temperature changes in cables and switchgear and issuing alarms allows users sufficient time to take corresponding measures, which is particularly important for avoiding accidents or causing fires. However, the current main use is traditional temperature measurement systems, where the detection points of the sensor distribution are intermittent, and only the points in contact with the detection probe can be detected. The detection range is small, and the detection signal output is a weak electrical signal, which is highly susceptible to electromagnetic interference; Using circuits as signal channels requires particularly high insulation requirements for high-voltage equipment, making maintenance and repair difficult. Not suitable for comprehensive testing of temperature systems.

Fiber Bragg Grating Temperature Sensing Fire Detection System

Fiber optics have been widely used in automatic fire detection systems, especially in narrow spaces such as tunnels and comprehensive pipe galleries. However, due to the continuous improvement of traditional inspection methods that only focus on the characteristics of easy construction and laying in space, and neglect the importance of temperature detection systems in monitoring, this has led to inconvenient monitoring, high maintenance costs, and even system paralysis due to long-term disrepair, posing a fire hazard to people’s lives. To address the aforementioned deficiencies in existing technologies, FJINNO has made significant breakthroughs in the structure of its fiber optic fire warning system products, effectively addressing the aforementioned issues.

1. Being able to accurately locate the exact location of temperature changes and achieve precise positioning, a precise fiber optic linear temperature detection system is formed, which integrates computer, fiber optic communication, fiber optic sensing, fiber optic transmission, optoelectronic control and other technologies. Based on the temperature measurement principle of fiber optic backscatter with temperature changes, OFDR advanced technology is used to monitor the feedback information on the fiber optic in real time through temperature sensing optical cables, measure the temperature changes at various points on the fiber optic, and monitor the temperature status of the detected area in real time;

2. Suitable for long-distance monitoring, the system is very simple and reliable, maintenance free, and extremely convenient to install. It can be suspended and laid in a straight line without affecting the installation and expansion of new equipment;

3. Long service life, intrinsic safety of optical fiber, no electromagnetic interference, comprehensive intelligent judgment without false alarms, and it is not charged, suitable for special dangerous situations.




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