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The best manufacturer of fiber optic online temperature measurement system for high-voltage switchgear

The fiber optic online temperature measurement system device for high-voltage switchgear is mainly used to monitor the contact temperature, cable joint temperature, and the configuration of three temperature measurement points inside the cable outlet cabinet. The temperature measurement sensor used in the switchgear is a fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensor, which has the characteristics of anti-interference, insulation, corrosion resistance, and is widely used in power electrical equipment. Please contact FJINNO to inquire about the price of the fiber optic temperature measurement system.

For example, most of the bidding requirements are multiples of three temperature measurement points distributed at the heating point of the switchgear, mainly at the busbar overlap, isolation switch contact, and cable joint. If there are N temperature measurement points in the switchgear, there are a total of 3xN monitoring requirements.

With the development of network communication, microelectronics, anti-interference, computer and power electronics technologies, automation technology is becoming increasingly mature. The production of high-voltage switchgear with intelligent functions such as measurement, protection, and control is becoming more mature. With the continuous improvement and independent innovation of technology, high-voltage switchgear has generally achieved rapid development, but there is still a certain gap in temperature measurement technology compared to the world’s advanced level. With the combination of information processing technology and power technology, online temperature monitoring products are constantly improving and upgrading, and their practicality is gradually developing and improving. At present, there are two main types of online temperature monitoring for switchgear in the market: infrared temperature measurement technology and fiber optic temperature measurement technology.

The working principle of infrared temperature measurement for switchgear

Determine the surface temperature of a conductor based on the magnitude of thermal radiation energy. Infrared radiation temperature measurement can be divided into non-contact temperature measurement and contact temperature measurement. The former works on the principle of infrared radiation, and its accuracy is affected by factors such as working wavelength, distance coefficient, regional range, and atmospheric testing environment, making it difficult to work. The latter works on thermosensitive components and uses radio frequency or infrared for high and low voltage isolation, resulting in high temperature measurement accuracy. The disadvantage is that the front-end power supply design is relatively complex.

Disadvantages of infrared temperature measurement systems

The infrared thermometer uses computer software to identify and compare electronic temperature sensors, and then processes information. Its disadvantage is that when the sensor malfunctions, maintenance is more complex. The design of insulation covers, contact boxes, and other components in switchgear can easily affect the transmission of infrared light, limiting the use of this technology. The non-contact remote temperature measurement method can also collect temperature information, but the disadvantage is that it is expensive and less commonly used in switchgear. Infrared temperature measurement technology is affected by factors such as distance coefficient, instantaneous viewing angle, atmospheric environment, and regional range, making it difficult to ensure its accuracy.

Advantages of fiber optic temperature measurement device for high-voltage switchgear

Fiber optic temperature measurement technology has greatly improved the work efficiency of substation personnel, mainly achieving warning functions and monitoring sensitive temperature information of medium voltage switchgear. Firstly, convert the sensing parameters reflected by the distributed optical fibers inside the switchgear into temperature data. Secondly, determine whether there is a risk of fire based on the temperature changes in the spatial location of the optical fiber. Once again, based on the monitoring temperature of each sensitive point, the temperature of contacts, cable joints, and busbar joints can be measured. Finally, based on the temperature upgrade rate, an early warning function is provided, and the temperature limit of the power system is usually between 60-80 ℃.

The fiber optic temperature measurement system technology can achieve zero distance monitoring of electrical distribution equipment cables and bus joints, while not being affected by electromagnetic interference factors. It can work in extreme environments such as high radiation, strong corrosion, and strong electromagnetic interference, and has the characteristic of uninterrupted temperature measurement. The maturity of intelligent online temperature monitoring technology for medium voltage switchgear based on fiber optics, light waves, and other technologies will lead to the intelligentization of temperature online monitoring in switchgear. This will be a new area of research in the future, which involves the development and application of high-performance, new materials, and low pollution equipment to create more intelligent and intensive medium voltage switchgear to meet the requirements of intelligent development. The fiber optic temperature online monitoring system, as an important component of the intelligent process of switchgear, should be gradually promoted and applied in switchgear.



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