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Distributed fiber optic temperature sensing system for monitoring on high-voltage cables

The working environment of high-voltage cable transmission lines is relatively harsh, the transmission distance is relatively long, and real-time monitoring of temperature changes is required. Based on these characteristics, a Raman scattering type distributed fiber optic temperature sensing system can be designed and applied to the operation of high-voltage cable transmission lines. This distributed fiber optic temperature sensing system can monitor the cable temperature over the entire transmission distance and provide warning reminders according to temperature changes. When designing the system, the measured fiber length is 10km. As this distance includes the distance from the host control room to the testing site, two fibers should be used simultaneously during the design. Install the fiber optic temperature measurement system and calibration fiber optic part inside the host room, and reach the measurement position outdoors through ordinary fiber optic. Lay the detection fiber optic next to the tested cable. In practical power engineering, the same type of optical fiber can be used as the detection optical fiber and ordinary optical fiber.

With the continuous development of the social economy, various high-tech technologies have been applied in the power system. Fiber optic distributed temperature sensing, as one of the high-tech technologies, can monitor the temperature of high-voltage cables in real-time throughout the entire line, identify temperature singularities in cable systems, calculate the load capacity of the system in real-time, and the short-term overload capacity of the power grid. This technology has promoted the development of research on cable temperature measurement in power systems and has broad application prospects.



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