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Optical fiber temperature measurement system used in electrical hotspots

The fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system can transmit temperature information using a single fiber optic. The fiber optic is very thin, and the fiber optic with a probe is directly installed on the measured object without affecting its performance.

The fiber optic temperature measurement probe is not charged and is not afraid of on-site electromagnetic interference, let alone generating any interference. Better stability.

By directly contacting the hot spots of power equipment through the probe, it has strong real-time performance and higher temperature measurement performance.

The fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement device has the advantages of corrosion resistance, long service life, safe, reliable use, and maintenance free measurement of temperature through fiber optic.

The application of hot spot temperature measurement in high-voltage equipment, as far as existing temperature measurement technologies are concerned, whether it is commonly used electrical temperature sensors such as RTD thermistors (Pt100) and thermocouples (high resistance wires), or temperature measurement technologies such as pressure thermometers and infrared thermometers, they first face the problem of not being able to completely solve the safety hazards caused by metal wires, metal components, shielding measures, installation of pressure thermometers or infrared probes in high-voltage areas on the insulation of high-voltage equipment, as well as serious eddy current losses and heating problems caused by metal wires and metal components in electromagnetic environments; In addition, weak electric temperature signals can also be severely interfered with in strong magnetic field environments, and there are problems such as data drift, high failure rate, and data false alarms, which make it difficult to ensure the reliability and stability of the temperature measurement system and provide real-time, stable, and reliable temperature information.

The fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement system has a simple structure and high reliability. The temperature measurement sensor has no metal wires or components, and will not pose any safety hazards to the internal insulation of high-voltage electrical equipment; At the same time, optical fibers coated with special materials on the surface have good corrosion resistance, and the optical temperature signal is not seriously disturbed in high voltage and strong magnetic field environments, allowing the temperature measurement system to achieve long-term reliable and stable high-precision temperature measurement.

The fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system can ensure that it is not affected by other environmental factors such as pressure, stress, vibration, bending, etc. It can achieve accurate single temperature physical measurement without complex packaging technology, and is very convenient for arranging temperature sensors in complex spatial environments.

Compared with existing electrical hot spot temperature measurement systems, the fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement method can directly and accurately measure the temperature information of local hot spots inside the electrical hot spot. It can timely and effectively alert the abnormal heating phenomenon of local hot spots inside the electrical hot spot before serious internal heating damage occurs.

The fiber optic temperature measurement system can achieve remote status evaluation of electrical hot spot equipment, improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance personnel, and provide more effective information feedback for the full load performance assessment of electrical hot spot equipment, operation and maintenance after commissioning, and structural optimization design in the design stage, achieving a significant improvement in equipment operation and maintenance level and equipment safety and reliability.



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