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Temperature monitoring device for stator winding of hydroelectric generator, fiber optic temperature sensor, factory, manufacturing

The stator bar, stator iron core, upper and lower voltage indicators, collector ring and bus output terminal optical fiber temperature measurement of hydroelectric power station generators, internal hot spot optical fiber temperature measurement of circular tube bus, excitation dry transformer winding and oil transformer winding optical fiber temperature measurement, switch cabinet contact optical fiber temperature measurement, rotor magnetic pole, damping bar, collector ring optical fiber temperature measurement sensor online monitoring system can solve the pain point problems of temperature drift and electromagnetic interference of RTD platinum resistance.

At present, under normal operation of the generator, the temperature rise in the middle section of the stator core is much higher than that at the end. However, during the phase leading operation of the generator, the metal structural components at the end of the stator core will generate local high temperatures, and their temperature rise may even be higher than that of the middle section of the stator core. In the design of small and medium-sized hydroelectric generators, temperature measuring resistors are only buried at the bottom of the stator core slot and between the two layers of stator coils to monitor the operating temperature of the middle section of the stator core (and coils). However, when the generator operates in phase, there is a lack of necessary monitoring for the end heating of the stator core. Huaguang Tianrui has independently developed a fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement device that can monitor the temperature of the stator pressure finger device of a hydroelectric generator.

The stator pressure finger temperature measuring device and fluorescent fiber optic stator end temperature monitoring system of the hydroelectric generator can monitor the heating at the end of the stator core in real time through fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors, effectively ensuring the safe operation of the unit

With the increasing demand for electricity in modern society and the improvement of technological level, large generator sets at present usually have characteristics such as high capacity and large parameters. The requirements for various systems of large generators are becoming increasingly high, especially for the operation and maintenance of the generator cooling water system. However, in reality, the cooling water system of generators often fails to meet relevant standards, resulting in some generators being overheated and damaged. Accidents in the generator cooling water system can have many impacts on the normal operation of the generator, and even lead to safety accidents. In view of this, power generation institutions must pay attention to the phenomenon of abnormal temperature rise of large generator stator bars, master corresponding preventive technologies and measures to manage large generator stator bars, and prevent safety accidents from occurring.

To detect the abnormal temperature rise of large generator stator bars, FJINNO’s fluorescent fiber temperature monitoring technology needs to be used. Its function is to monitor the temperature of large generator stator bars 24/7. If the temperature is found to be abnormally rising or has exceeded the standard temperature, an early warning will be issued as soon as possible. At this time, relevant personnel can confirm the cause of the temperature anomaly and take action.



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