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The best manufacturing factory for fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement systems for subway transformers

With the increasing maturity of power devices such as SIC, power electronics technology has developed rapidly. The large-scale application of subway trains and the application of new power electronics technology in subway trains have been put on the agenda. High speed trains have a large-scale energy-saving demand to reduce operating costs. New power electronics technology requires the development of high-frequency, high-power, high-density, low loss, low temperature rise, dust-proof, waterproof, vibration resistant power transformers and isolation transformers.

In the smart grid, transformers are important power equipment. In order to ensure the normal operation of transformers, it is necessary to prevent the temperature of transformers from being too high. Therefore, the control device used for transformer coolers is an important transformer component. In the existing control devices used for transformer coolers, PLC controllers are generally used. Due to the control port of PLC controllers not being able to meet the monitoring of multiple parameters of transformers, the control progress of transformer coolers is not high, which may threaten the operation safety of transformers.

With the development of the power system towards ultra-high voltage and large capacity, in order to ensure the safe and stable operation of high-voltage electrical equipment, equipment condition monitoring is particularly important. Equipment temperature is one of the important parameters that reflect the operation status of equipment, so online monitoring of equipment temperature is of great significance. Due to the high voltage of the phase-shifting rectifier transformer, the 6KV power frequency withstand voltage is 20KV, and the 10KV power frequency withstand voltage is 28KV. The cost of using fiber optic temperature measurement devices is high, and traditional platinum resistance temperature measurement cannot meet the withstand voltage requirements. Therefore, the platinum resistance used for temperature measurement cannot be embedded in the coil and must be protected to prevent voltage breakdown.

In the current process of substation operation and maintenance, the temperature collection operation of the main transformer accessory equipment is mainly completed through on-site manual operation. The operator holds an infrared imaging device to the site to measure and record the temperature at the connection points of the knife switch mechanism, knife switch head, knife switch sheath, etc. The homework process has the following drawbacks:

1. Increased workload in temperature measurement and relative shortage of personnel
Under the existing temperature measurement operation mode, there are at least a thousand stations that require temperature measurement for the main transformer. Among them, there are two and three hundred stations that require comprehensive temperature measurement and three hundred stations that require night temperature measurement, and more than four hundred stations that require routine temperature measurement and special temperature measurement. The entire process takes up a lot of time and energy from operation and maintenance personnel, resulting in a relative shortage of personnel, time conflicts, and scattered energy in power grid accident handling, switching operations, and other temporary work. This easily leads to inadequate equipment inspection or lack of focus on switching operations, reducing production efficiency and work quality, and posing potential safety hazards to the safe operation of the power grid.

2. Lack of targeted temperature measurement increases the operational risk of substations
At the same time, the original substation temperature measurement adopted a unified inspection mode for the main transformer of the same voltage level, with a determined inspection cycle. Each inspection included all the inspection items of the substation. This constantly repeated and evenly applied search method often caused “psychological fatigue” for operation and maintenance personnel during inspections, making it difficult to detect equipment problems. If the temperature trend of the main transformer equipment can be comprehensively understood and targeted temperature measurement can be carried out, it will improve the efficiency and quality of inspections, eliminate safety hazards during operation, and meet the needs of safe operation of the substation.

3. Operation and maintenance are not synchronized, resulting in wasted resources due to repeated entry into the station
The maintenance plan of the substation is disconnected from the inspection and temperature measurement plan of the substation main transformer, and the time for entering the station operation and entering the station temperature measurement is often inconsistent, causing operation and maintenance personnel to repeatedly enter the station, wasting a lot of time on the way to and from the substation. The opportunity to enter the station is not fully utilized, the workload increases, and the temperature measurement efficiency decreases. With the integration of operation and maintenance, temperature measurement data will be transmitted to the backend. Based on temperature trends, periodic maintenance and repair projects of the substation will be included in the operation and maintenance work. Reasonably allocate maintenance and temperature measurement time, reduce the frequency of entering the station, improve the efficiency of entering the station, and continuously promote the specialization and refinement of substation operation and inspection, better serving the development of the power grid.

Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement system can be widely used for temperature measurement of power equipment such as rail transit and subways, including substation temperature measurement, transformer temperature measurement, etc. It is resistant to electromagnetic interference and reasonably priced. Welcome to contact us!



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