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Fluorescent Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement Device/Fiber optic temperature monitoring system/

Customized development of fiber optic temperature measurement module

Power supply:DC5V/AC/DC220V  Customizable development

Fiber Type:Quartz fiber optic

Temperature range:-40ºC~+240ºC(Customizable for higher temperature range)

Temperature measurement accuracy:±1℃  (Can be customized for higher accuracy)


Number of channels:1-64(Number of channels can be customized)

Lengths:0M-20M(Customizable length)

Communication Method:RS485/Modbus-RTU

High voltage resistance:100KV

Calibration method:This sensor does not need to be calibrated.The system uses adaptive measurement and does not require LD value calibration.

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We produce temperature sensors, temperature monitors, temperature monitoring systems, fiber optic temperature sensors, wholesale, wholesalers, suppliers, factories, manufacturers, and manufacturers. We provide customized development and can independently connect to your various upper computer systems to achieve comprehensive monitoring.

The fluorescence temperature measurement technology, based on the photoluminescence of fluorescent materials, converts temperature signals into optical signals. Utilizing the efficiency of fiber optics for signal transmission, it effectively achieves real-time, long-distance temperature measurement. This technology inherits the advantages of fiber optic sensing and, compared to other measurement techniques, offers additional benefits such as corrosion resistance, compact size, and reduced electromagnetic interference. Furthermore, it is characterized by a long lifespan, maintenance-free operation, and good stability and consistency. Additionally, the system features real-time display, ease of integration into other systems, and straightforward installation.

Product Features

1、Fiber optic probe without any metal substances
2、Immune to electromagnetic and microwave interference
3、Withstand high voltage
4、’No calibration required
5、Measures hot spot temperatures with direct contact
Fiber optic temperature sensorFiber optic probe consists of three parts: ST connector, fiber optic cable, and end temperature sensing end; ST connector is the connection part with the photoelectric module; fiber optic cable is the light transmission part, internal quartz fiber, quartz fiber external coating and cladding, the most external Teflon protective sleeve; end temperature sensing end contains temperature-sensitive rare earth materials, used to generate optical signals containing temperature information; fiber optic is resistant to high temperature of 200 ℃ as a whole, with the diameter of 3mm; long-term bending radius is 13.2cm; short-term bending radius is 4.4cm. Long-term bending radius is 13.2cm, short-term bending radius is 4.4cm, and the fiber optic lead wire is 0.4m from the ground, it can withstand the industrial frequency voltage of 100KV for 5min.

Principle of Fluorescent Fiber Temperature Measurement
A fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensor is composed of a multimode fiber optic and a fluorescent object (membrane) installed at its top. Fluorescent substances emit fluorescence energy when stimulated by light of a certain wavelength (stimulated spectrum). After the incentive is revoked, the persistence of fluorescence afterglow depends on factors such as the characteristics of the fluorescent substance and environmental temperature. This excited fluorescence usually decays exponentially, and the decay time constant is called fluorescence lifetime or fluorescence afterglow time. The attenuation of fluorescence afterglow varies at different ambient temperatures. Therefore, by measuring the lifespan of fluorescence afterglow, the ambient temperature at that time can be determined.
Principle of Fluorescent Fiber Temperature Measurement

Application scenarios of fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement

Measurement of hotspots in high-voltage power switchgear, including copper busbars, moving contacts, static contacts, incoming and outgoing lines, etc;
Temperature monitoring of GIS cabinets, medium voltage cabinets, and low-voltage cabinet drawer cabinets;
Cable joints for ring main cabinets and temperature monitoring for box type substations;
Hot spot monitoring of dry-type transformer coils and oil immersed transformer windings;
Measurement of stator pressure index and collector ring temperature for water turbines/thermal/wind turbines;
Temperature measurement of enclosed busbars and cables;
Temperature monitoring in oil;
IGBT or chip surface temperature measurement;
Temperature measurement of fan blades; Temperature measurement at the connector connection point;
Medical hyperthermia human contact temperature measurement;
Nuclear magnetic resonance, ERFI, EMI, NMR, RF, microwave;
Etching machines, deposition equipment, small gaps, chemical liquids, vacuum environments;
Ring network cabinet head, hot spot temperature online monitoring;
Temperature monitoring for other harsh special environments.
Customer case of customized development of fiber optic temperature measurement system
Customized development of fiber optic temperature measurement module Customized development of fiber optic temperature measurement module4




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