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Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement and monitoring system for switchgear

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FJINNO provides fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement for switchgear, temperature monitoring system for switchgear, fiber optic temperature measurement device for switchgear, and high-voltage live detection technology. The main significance of the application is that the detection work can be carried out when the distribution line is in normal operation. During the operation of the distribution line, the live detection technology can be used to real-time grasp the operation status of the distribution line and equipment. Once problems are found in the distribution line and equipment, timely measures can be taken to deal with the problematic lines and equipment, avoiding problems that may affect the normal operation of the power grid. The distribution lines and equipment are kept in operation. If there are problems with the insulation performance of the insulation materials, or if the environment in which the equipment is located changes, such as high ambient temperature or high humidity, it can cause safety issues such as partial discharge in the lines and equipment. Once the partial discharge phenomenon worsens, it will damage the distribution lines and equipment, leading to operational failures.

Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement technology has a wide range of applications and can perform multi-point detection on distribution line equipment, mainly detecting defects inside the equipment due to heating or voltage induced heating. To obtain accurate detection data, it is necessary to  fiber optic temperature measurement instrument with high accuracy and good performance, which can be carried out in an environment that is not affected by external factors. By using fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement technology, the actual situation of the equipment is grasped by detecting the temperature changes of the internal busbar contacts of the switchgear, such as whether there is contact overheating in the cable joints, and the detection accuracy is accurate.




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