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Guangzhou Airport dry-type transformer uses our temperature controller

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Wall mounted temperature control box for dry-type transformers

The temperature control box of the dry-type transformer integrates various functions such as temperature monitoring, fan control, fault alarm, etc. It can operate independently or be connected to the substation automation system for remote monitoring. The built-in temperature inspection instrument can measure the temperature of multiple parts of the transformer core, winding, lead, etc., achieving comprehensive temperature monitoring. The temperature controller automatically adjusts the operation and stop of the fan based on the data from the temperature sensor. When the temperature exceeds the limit, insulation drops, or fan malfunctions, the alarm contact will act and emit an audible and visual alarm signal. These integrated intelligent control and protection functions effectively improve the safety and reliability of transformer operation.

Beautiful and generous appearance, enhancing the overall image

The wall mounted temperature control box has a simple and beautiful design, seamlessly integrated with the transformer layout, improving the overall appearance of the substation. The color of the box can be made according to user requirements, usually gray white, giving people a simple and clean feeling. The use of wall mounted temperature control boxes makes the surrounding area of the transformer cleaner and more orderly, enhancing the professional image of the enterprise and substation.

Multiple types and specifications, customizable design

There are various types and specifications of wall mounted temperature control boxes to choose from, suitable for dry-type transformers of different capacity levels. Although standardization is convenient, it often cannot fully meet the personalized needs of every user. Customized design is another major advantage of wall mounted temperature control boxes. Manufacturers can customize temperature control boxes according to the specific needs of users, such as usage environment, installation requirements, control circuits, communication interfaces, etc., and provide a one-stop solution. This not only improves the applicability of the product, but also greatly saves users time and energy.




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