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Vacuum cavity experimental equipment fiber optic temperature measurement

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Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement device Distributed fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system

Fiber optic temperature measurement

Project Name: Vacuum Chamber of a University Experimental Platform Using Inno Technology Fluorescent Fiber Temperature Measurement Device

Under high temperature and high vacuum conditions, the temperature inside the cavity and the uniformity of temperature distribution are important parameters for measuring the suitability of its process. Vacuum systems have been widely used in national economic production and scientific research experiments due to their unique advantages. The temperature measurement technology for components inside vacuum systems has also been developed. Currently, commonly used temperature measurement technologies in vacuum chambers include thermocouple measurement technology, wireless temperature sensor measurement technology, and fiber optic temperature measurement technology.

Functional characteristics of fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors
◆ Attach the fiber optic end probe to the surface of the measured object to measure temperature
◆ Temperature measuring optical fibers are immune to electromagnetic interference
◆ For high-voltage insulation, flame and explosion prevention
◆ Single point temperature measurement and digital signal output
◆ Fiber optic probes can reach a minimum of 600um
◆ The transmitter is compact, easy to install, and easy to integrate into the network




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