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Fiber optic temperature sensor with ring main cabinet plug

The primary electrical equipment in the power system consists of circuit breakers, transformers, cables, busbars, switchgear, and other electrical equipment, especially when there are usually multiple cable joints inside the switchgear. However, due to electrical faults such as material aging, poor contact, and current overload, the temperature rise at the cable joints inside the switchgear will be too high. Therefore, if the temperature changes at the joints can be monitored in a timely manner, the monitoring of electrical fault points can be achieved.

Fuzhou INNO Technology provides a pre embedded fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement device for cable joints, which can be used in conjunction with power equipment manufacturers to pour fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensing probes for cable joints. It is resistant to high voltage, insulation, interference, and the system is safe and stable.

Insulation head fiber optic temperature measurement Insulation head fiber optic temperature measurement



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