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Distributed fiber optic temperature sensors for temperature monitoring in highway tunnels

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Why do highway tunnels need temperature monitoring and fire warning alarm monitoring

With the continuous improvement of China’s highway network, newly built highways are gradually moving towards mountainous areas, leading to an increasing scale of highway tunnel construction. As the types of surrounding rocks, terrain, and other conditions faced by highway tunnels become increasingly complex, and the proportion of long and extra long tunnels is increasing, the safe operation of highway tunnels is facing serious challenges, and the probability of fires occurring inside the tunnels is increasing. In the process of tunnel operation, if real-time and effective monitoring of tunnel fires cannot be carried out, once a fire occurs, it cannot be extinguished and rescued in a timely manner, which will lead to serious casualties and property damage. Therefore, conducting in-depth and systematic research on a series of technical issues related to fire monitoring in operating tunnels is a major issue in the operation of highway tunnels in China.

At present, the commonly used monitoring method in highway tunnel fire monitoring is video monitoring, which uses cameras and video management systems to monitor the fire situation inside the tunnel in real time. Due to the presence of certain monitoring blind spots on the camera, coupled with the enclosed space inside the tunnel, the internal air quality is poor and visibility is low, resulting in significant video monitoring errors and blind spots. It can be seen that the existing fire monitoring technology for highway tunnels has seriously hindered the further development of highway tunnel operation technology due to its own technical defects.

Distributed fiber optic temperature sensor is an advanced temperature sensor that utilizes Raman scattering effect and OTDR technology to achieve distributed measurement of the temperature field of sensitive optical fibers. It has the advantages of high sensitivity, anti electromagnetic interference, intrinsic safety, light weight, long service life, and high reliability. It can be widely used for temperature monitoring and fire alarm of power cables, subway tunnels, coal mine tunnels, oil storage tanks, and large building structures.





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