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Design of Power Supply System for Urban Complex

Characteristics of Electrical Design for Urban Complex Buildings

At present, the internal structure of complex buildings in some cities is mainly designed using a trunk like approach, and there is a phenomenon of interconnectivity between the fire exits and pedestrian flow channels inside. In addition, there is also a significant correlation between the systems and pipelines that provide daily services to people. At the same time, the various systems and pipelines within urban complex buildings not only need to provide services for corresponding functional units, but also need to establish connections with other related functional units. In the actual process of designing the internal electrical system of urban complex buildings, the communication relationship between the system front-end and the intersection relationship between pipelines can be fully demonstrated. In addition, the underground parking lots, commercial stores, hotels and other business projects in urban complex buildings will have different property owners, and they will also be under the jurisdiction of different property companies. This will lead to many difficulties and problems in the electrical design of urban complex buildings. The difficulties in the design process are mainly reflected in the planning of the overall computer room and pipe diameter inside the building, the ownership and various restrictions of the property rights of substations and diesel engine rooms. Therefore, relevant designers need to fully consider the correlation and singularity within the structure during the design process, in order to fully meet the internal design requirements of the structure. In addition, the following principles need to be fully followed in the design process: firstly, the electrical equipment room needs to be divided according to the functions inside the building, and each unit needs to be equipped with corresponding equipment rooms; The second requirement is to clarify the number of electrical equipment rooms based on the management authority of the property for functional units, and the use of the same equipment room cannot occur between units managed by different properties; Thirdly, it is necessary to fully consider the outlet channels during the design process, fundamentally avoiding the occurrence of power plant outlet intersections in different units; Fourthly, in the design process, it is possible to fully utilize the independent power supply of multiple circuits to compensate for the shortcomings of traditional electrical design, and it is also necessary to equip diesel generator sets with corresponding power for multiple circuits.

The power supply for the power supply and distribution system

In order to ensure the reliability of power supply for each functional unit, corresponding electrical equipment rooms need to be designed when setting up units, with three transformer and distribution stations. Six 10kV power supplies are introduced from the 10kV switchgear, of which two are in groups. Each group of 10kV high-voltage power supplies is relatively independent and must be introduced from different busbars of the higher-level substation. Two power sources work simultaneously and serve as backup for each other. Each 10kV power source can bear all primary and secondary loads. At the same time, install a generator set with a main power of 1340k on -1F to provide emergency power supply for the hotel; Set up a generator set with a main power of 800kW to provide emergency power supply for commercial and hotel style apartments. The self starting time of the generator set should not exceed 15 seconds.



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