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Which brand of multi-channel fiber optic thermometer is good

Which brand of multi-channel fiber optic thermometer is good

Fiber optic thermometer is an instrument used to monitor temperature. From traditional thermometers in the past to fluorescent fiber optic thermometers today, with the development of technology, thermometers have become increasingly convenient. There are many manufacturers of fiber optic thermometers and the top ten brands of fiber optic thermometers in China. So, which brand of fiber optic thermometers is good and which one has good quality can accurately measure the temperature of high-voltage switchgear and transformers, FJINNO tells you the main function of fiber optic thermometers, allowing manufacturers who need multi-channel fiber optic thermometers to choose several key points. The main purpose of multi-channel fiber optic thermometers is multi-point temperature measurement, mainly used in high-voltage switchgear point temperature measurement or other situations in the power industry that require multi-point thermometers.

1. Wide temperature measurement range

Fiber optic sensors can be used for temperature measurement in equipment with difficult temperature environments, such as high-voltage equipment, power cable equipment, etc. Usually, the temperature of these devices cannot be directly contacted by people, and intelligent temperature measurement can be accurately achieved through fiber optic thermometers. Thus providing guidance data for production control.

2. Compact in size

Fiber optic thermometers have small volumes and can be installed on different devices for temperature measurement, with a wide range of temperature measurement applications.

3. High precision

The temperature measurement accuracy error of the fiber optic thermometer does not exceed 1 degree, with a resolution of 0.01 degrees. With the help of FJINNO’s technical research and development team, there has been a significant improvement. Nowadays, fiber optic thermometers not only respond quickly, but also have very high temperature measurement accuracy.

At present, there are many types and brands of fiber optic thermometers on the market. So, which brand is better to choose for fiber optic thermometers. Firstly, domestic fiber optic thermometers may not necessarily have inferior quality compared to foreign fiber optic thermometers, as they are all developing new technologies and technologies comprehensively. Domestic temperature measurement products are relatively better and the prices are also relatively reasonable. Secondly, fiber optic thermometers are widely used in the industrial high-voltage power industry and transformer manufacturers. The brand of FJINNO is widely used in the industry and has a good reputation.

How to choose brand manufacturers for fiber optic thermometers

For the selection of fiber optic thermometers, those who are new to it still need to understand some skills, especially manufacturers who need multi-channel and multi-channel temperature measurement products.

1. Word of mouth recommendation

It is best to have familiar professionals in the power cable industry recommend the recommended fiber optic thermometer, as they have experience in using temperature measuring instruments. The recommended fiber optic thermometer is relatively reliable.

2. The application of fiber optic thermometer

Fiber optic thermometers are mainly used in industry, especially in the power cable industry. The number of channels and fiber length of the fiber optic thermometers used by each customer are different. Many manufacturers who customize fiber optic thermometers need to have a detailed understanding before providing a comprehensive quotation and solution, so that they can be proficient in using temperature measurement products.

3. Look at the specific budget

Many bidding power equipment companies look for FJINNO according to the optical fiber temperature measurement device in the document, and need a quotation. At this time, we will evaluate the specific needs of customers and give specific numbers of different sensors and temperature measurement transmitters to provide prices to customers. Also, customers may have limited funds, need to use platinum resistance for temperature measurement or choose infrared temperature measurement without electromagnetic interference and accurate temperature measurement. At this time, not all temperature measurements are suitable for using optical fiber temperature measurement, and each temperature measurement method has a large difference in equipment structure, so we need to first understand our own financial considerations.

4. Service attitude.

Fiber optic thermometers require certain communication and understanding of specific requirements in order to provide fiber optic temperature measurement prices. Therefore, pre-sales and after-sales service for a fiber optic thermometer is important, and a detailed understanding of the company’s scale and technical level is necessary.



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