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Fluorescent powder temperature measurement, fluorescence afterglow temperature measurement, fluorescence lifetime temperature measurement, fluorescence fiber temperature sensor

Fluorescent powder temperature measurement, fluorescence afterglow temperature measurement, fluorescence lifetime temperature measurement, fluorescence fiber temperature measurement. The sensor probe is a rare earth fluorescent substance that excites fluorescence after being irradiated with fixed wavelength light. After the excitation stops, the relationship between the decay time constant of fluorescence afterglow and temperature is a quasi exponential function. The temperature can be obtained by measuring the time constant of afterglow.

Fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors are one of the hot research topics in the field of modern fiber optic sensing technology. Many temperature measurement scenarios have special conditions, which may cause some practical difficulties in temperature measurement. In all research activities seeking alternative methods for temperature sensors, fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors are increasingly being valued for their advantages such as anti electromagnetic interference, small size, low transmission loss, and corrosion resistance. Temperature is a fundamental physical quantity that represents the degree of coolness or heat of an object. All processes in nature are closely related to temperature, and it is one of the most important lateral parameters in temperature measurement science and industrial process control. With the improvement of industrial automation and the expansion of continuous production scale, the demand for temperature measurement is becoming increasingly large. Many environments cannot use traditional electronic temperature sensors due to high temperature, high voltage, and high electromagnetic interference, and alternative methods need to be adopted.

Fiber optic temperature sensors have become an effective candidate solution, with advantages such as resistance to electromagnetic interference, high temperature, corrosion, and miniaturization. They have a wide range of application prospects in industrial production, with low fiber optic transmission loss, making them very convenient for both on-site use and long-distance transmission. Moreover, the fiber optic has a small diameter, simple structural arrangement, and small volume. Therefore, as a fiber optic temperature sensor, it is suitable for almost all detection objects and can be used in special situations where other temperature sensors are difficult to apply, such as sealing, high voltage, strong magnetic field, nuclear radiation, strict explosion-proof, waterproof, very small spaces or very small workpieces.

The biggest advantage of the fluorescent powder afterglow temperature measurement method compared to other optical fiber temperature measurement principles is that temperature measurement is independent of light intensity. It has strong compatibility with the inconsistency of fluorescence intensity, optical path attenuation, and circuit drift in hardware. The system mainly conducts real-time online monitoring of abnormal temperature changes in the busbar and contacts. With this system, users can monitor temperature changes in key areas in real time on the local upper computer, and issue real-time alarm reports (warnings, alarms, and exceeding limits) based on temperature changes. At the same time, with the help of powerful upper computer functions, it is possible to analyze the temperature change cycle, view real-time and historical curves, predict changes in alarm situations, and achieve data storage for multiple devices.

The fluorescence temperature sensor system consists of a fluorescence fiber optic sensing probe, an IF-C2B16F20 fiber optic temperature transmitter, an IF-YS10F liquid crystal display instrument (configured according to requirements), a fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system background monitoring computer, and a fluorescence fiber optic background monitoring software.

The fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system utilizes the principle of optical characteristic changes caused by temperature changes of fluorescent powder for temperature measurement, which has extremely high safety, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, electromagnetic interference resistance, and high temperature measurement accuracy. RS485 communication (Modbus RTU protocol) can be used between the fiber optic temperature transmitter and the monitoring computer. Due to the temperature range! The requirements for environment and accuracy require innovation in temperature measurement technology! Research and development have posed new challenges, and the requirements for temperature in fields such as industrial research and development, biomedical research, etc. are constantly expanding. For example, explosive high voltage and strong electromagnetic fields with corrosive gas liquids, as well as the demand for rapid response, are challenging in these fields. The environment in which the measured object is located is quite harsh, either in motion or in an extremely difficult position to approach, or there is strong electromagnetic interference around the measured object, as well as the thermal therapy side temperature in medicine, which makes temperature measurement difficult.



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