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Inno Technology – DISC · Empowering Team Communication and Motivation

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In order to strengthen the collaborative spirit of the company’s team, improve team cohesion and centripetal force, on May 31st, Fuzhou INNO Technology specially invited Ms. Liu Wei, a DISC international certified lecturer and the EMBA admissions director of Xiamen University, to serve as a lecturer for the “DISC · Empowering Team Communication and Motivation” training. The company’s leadership and department heads attended the training.

Team communication and motivation training

Teacher Liu Wei shared with everyone the four personality types of disc, as well as how to match different models based on different personalities and abilities, and place people in suitable positions, with humor, wit, vividness, and a sense of visuals; How to get along with people with different personalities in life; Building a diversified team and cooperating with each other is very down-to-earth and practical, with constant laughter on site, and everyone has benefited greatly.

Team communication and motivation training

In this training class, Teacher Liu Wei injected vitality into achieving a win-win situation between organizational development and employee growth through team building, case analysis, on-site interactive Q&A. During the case analysis, Teacher Liu Wei used video explanations to help everyone understand the different representative types of “DISC” and communicate with them in a targeted manner.

Team communication and motivation training

Through this training, everyone has felt the charm of “DISC Positive Communication”, and has a clearer understanding of their personal strengths, limitations, and breakthrough directions. They have learned about the characteristics of different personalities, improved interpersonal communication models, enhanced team communication efficiency, and promoted work efficiency. This can help them manage their team more effectively and make positive contributions to the high-quality development of Inno Technology.

Team communication and motivation training

I believe that all INNO people will put into practice what DISC has learned in their future work and life, and use more positive and energetic communication methods to face family, friends, and partners, making themselves a “lighthouse” and warming important people around them.




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