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The characteristics of temperature measurement system using fiber optic grating sensors

The fiber optic grating temperature measurement system is a temperature measurement product developed and produced based on the temperature sensing technology of fiber optic gratings.

Grating is a fiber optic that undergoes special processing to change its refractive index, allowing it to reflect only at specific wavelengths. In this way, after a broad-spectrum incident light passes through the fiber optic grating, only the light signal with a very small spectral width that meets the wavelength matching condition is reflected, and the light signals of other wavelengths are transmitted into the next fiber optic grating. When the ambient temperature changes, the center wavelength of the reflected light in the fiber optic grating will also change (the higher the temperature, the greater the wavelength offset). By digitizing and accurately measuring the center wavelength of the reflected light of the grating to be measured, the ambient temperature at the position of the grating can be obtained.

Characteristics of Fiber Bragg Grating Temperature Measurement System

All light type, no power supply required on site, intrinsic safety
Not affected by electromagnetic interference and nuclear radiation
Can be applied for a long time in harsh environments such as high temperature, high humidity, and chemical erosion
Temperature sensors and transmission optical fibers are fully insulated, high-voltage resistant, anti creep, and flame retardant
Large capacity and fast speed, capable of measuring tens of thousands of temperature measurement points within one second
Long lifespan, maintenance free, zero drift, no need for on-site calibration
High measurement accuracy and resolution, with a temperature measurement accuracy of up to 1 ℃ and a temperature measurement resolution of up to 0.1 ℃
Support multiple alarm methods such as early warning, temperature difference, temperature rise, and fixed temperature
Equipped with GPRS SMS alarm and remote B/S function, no need for manual duty



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