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Temperature Monitoring System/

Special environmental management and monitoring system for box type substations

Working power supply: AC100~240V
working frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz (± 2Hz) (AC working power supply)
Monitoring range (oil temperature): -50~150 ºC
Monitoring range (ambient temperature): -20~80 ºC
Monitoring range (environmental humidity): 1-99% RH
Monitoring scope (environmental smoke): 1-10000PPM
Monitoring accuracy (temperature): ± 1%
Monitoring accuracy (humidity): ± 5% RH
Monitoring accuracy (smoke): ± 1%
resolving power: 0.1 ºC
Control contact capacity: 5A/AC250V (resistive)
Installation method: Embedded
Protection level: IP65
Working environment temperature: -25~80 ºC
Working environment humidity: ≤ 95% (25 ºC)
Insulation performance: ≥ 100M Ω
Panel size: 210mm*106mm
Product depth: 140mm
Opening size: 108mm*102mm
Fixed size: 195mm*60mm  (4*φ6)
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Professional intelligent monitoring device for box type transformers, manufacturer of environmental management systems for box type substations, customized intelligent integrated monitoring project solutions for power equipment, switchgear, ring main unit, substations, distribution stations, and switching stations.

Introduction to environmental management system products for box type substations

Cabinets such as box type substations and containerized box type substations are outdoor electrical equipment that operate in extremely harsh environments (such as large temperature differences in the morning and evening, large foundation moisture regain, high relative humidity in the air, high temperatures in summer, etc.). A large number of cabinets operating on site have experienced varying degrees of condensation or icing inside. The water droplets generated by condensation fall on the internal components, wiring terminals, busbars, etc. of the cabinet, forming insulation defects and accidents, endangering equipment and personal safety.
The environmental management system of the box type substation adopts comprehensive treatment and control measures for the formation mechanism of condensation or ice (relative humidity of air, temperature of air inside the box, etc.), completely destroying the conditions for condensation or ice formation, and eliminating cabinet condensation or ice.

The specialized environmental management system for box type substations can measure multiple environmental temperatures and humidity, multiple dew point data, multiple smoke alarms, and oil surface temperature data inside the box.

Product features

① The protection level is IP65.

② The CPU using ARM architecture has strong data processing capabilities and stable system performance.

③ OLED LCD screen, digital and Chinese display, button operation, LED signal indication display.

④ The design concept of the internal circuit board is modular design, with strong and weak electrical separation to avoid spatial crosstalk.

⑤ Contains a clock chip and historical data storage with time markers.

⑥ RS485 communication function, communication protocol is the international open standard protocol Modbus RTU.


The IX-22FSCW intelligent monitoring device for new energy is a high-end intelligent comprehensive monitoring and protection device developed specifically for green and energy-saving industries such as wind power and photovoltaic power generation; This product is characterized by strong anti-interference ability, complete functions, OLED interface with illustrations, simple settings, and easy operation; With reliable EMC and EMI performance, it can operate safely in various complex and harsh geographical environments, providing intelligent monitoring and protection for the safe operation of new energy transmission and distribution equipment in high altitude, high salt spray, low temperature resistance, and high humidity environments; The instrument monitoring is highly intelligent and functionally integrated, with easy and simple installation, stable and reliable operation.

The following is an introduction to some functions, which can be customized according to customer needs. For detailed information and inquiries, please contact the company

basic function 1. Oil temperature detection function;
2. Environmental temperature detection function;
3. Environmental humidity detection function;
4. Automatic/manual start stop cooling fan and heater functions;
5. OLED liquid crystal display, LED display light;
6. Clock function;
7. Black box function: Record 10 times of power failure temperature data, historical highest temperature, time, and function contact output status;
8. Provide passive contacts for over temperature alarm (normally open);
9. Provide passive contacts for over temperature tripping (normally open);
10. Provide passive contacts for the fan; (Normally open)
11. Provide passive contacts for the heater; (Normally open)
12. Provide fault alarm indication signals;
Optional features: 1. Winding temperature measurement (CT) detection function;
2. Environmental smoke detection function;
3. Environmental dew point detection function;
4.4~20mA analog current output function;
5. Ethernet communication function: Modbus TCP, an internationally open standard protocol;

Product composition

Environmental-Monitoring-System-for-Box-Type-Transformers Environmental management monitoring host (customizable functions)
1. RS485 communication,
2.2 Environmental temperature and humidity (using sensors developed by our company)
3.2 Smoke alarm: does not display smoke concentration, only provides contact output
4.2 Road Dew Point Monitoring and Control
6.9 Passive contacts: 2 fans 2 heaters 2 condensation 2 smoke zero 1 fault
7. LCD display
8. Clock function
9. The power supply circuit is processed using a power module
10. Three protections for circuit boards
11. Special program requirements: A environment temperature control heater low temperature, heating up temperature; B Smoke alarm output inhibits heater and fan startup
12.1 AC220V power output: for use by dehumidifiers
Armored oil level sensor (optional according to host function)
1. Material: 304 stainless steel
2. Sensor cable length: Standard configuration of 8 meters, customizable
3. Stainless steel pipe length: 110mm or 90mm (customizable)
oil temperature sensor
Temperature and humidity sensors Environmental sensor probe (optional according to host function, standard length of 8 meters, customizable length)
1. Smoke temperature and humidity three in one sensor
2. Dew point sensor
3. Smoke temperature two in one sensor
4. Temperature and humidity two in one sensor
5. Smoke sensor
6. Humidity sensor




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