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New energy wind and photovoltaic temperature and humidity controller oil temperature sensor

Temperature upper limit: The upper limit of the surrounding air temperature is+70℃, and the average value within 24 hours does not exceed+35℃;
Lower temperature limit: The lower temperature limit of the surrounding air is -40℃.
Humidity range: The relative humidity of the atmosphere should not exceed 95% RH when the surrounding air temperature is+25℃.
Altitude: Can be installed in environments above an altitude of 3000 meters.
Installation: It should be installed in a place without significant vibration and impact, with a vertical installation inclination Not exceeding 5 degrees.
Working voltage: AC220V±10%50Hz
Voltage circuit power consumption: ≤ 5VA
Medium strength: ≥ AC2000V
Insulation performance: ≥ 100MΩ
Anti electromagnetic interference performance: in accordance with the standard provisions of IEC 2525-22
Oil temperature measurement range: -50℃~150℃
Environmental temperature measurement range: -55~125℃
Environmental humidity measurement range: 1-99% RH
Current signal 4-20 mA corresponds to temperature range: -50℃~150℃
Humidity measurement accuracy: ±5%RH.
Temperature measurement accuracy: ±1%.
Control output methods: alarm I, alarm II, trip I, trip II, fan I, heater I, and wire breakage alarm; And the output of fan I and heater I has a forced start function, which is an active output; All other switch outputs are passive, with a contact capacity of AC250V/5A (resistive).

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  • Finished product diagram and installation dimension diagram of new energy intelligent monitoring device
Most wind and photovoltaic box transformers are located in harsh outdoor environments, with significant temperature differences throughout the year. High temperatures can reach over 60 ℃, while low temperatures may reach below -40 ℃. Wind power plants on the ocean also need to consider the corrosion, condensation, and high temperature effects of salt mist gases. Recently, temperature controllers used in wind and photovoltaic box type transformers to measure oil temperature are mostly transformer oil surface temperature sensors used in ordinary environments. The normal temperature range of these products is -30 ℃ to 50 ℃, and they will not have any problems in normal usage environments. However, when used in photovoltaic box transformers, they cannot meet the needs of the usage environment.
Our company specializes in developing temperature and humidity sensor monitoring and control products. The new energy intelligent monitoring device is an intelligent instrument designed specifically for the field of modern new energy technology. It can measure the oil temperature of transformers and the temperature and humidity inside the box transformer. It uses a digital tube to display the temperature and humidity values, which is intuitive and clear; Automatically start the fan when the ambient temperature is too high; When the oil temperature is too high, functions such as over temperature alarm output, over temperature trip output, etc; When the humidity in the transformer environment is too high, the environmental fan or heater will be automatically started for dehumidification to ensure a good operating environment for the equipment. The sensor adopts armored oil liquid sensor with long lead wire. Display humidity without distortion, without the need for humidity compensation and calibration. The temperature adopts high-end sensors, which have good consistency and repeatability, high accuracy, high stability, and strong anti-interference ability. With humidity trip record query and RS485 communication (or 4-20mA current output) function. The product does not lose data when powered off.
Provide PT100 output for transformer oil temperature; Provide temperature signals of 4-20mA output from transformer oil temperature and environmental temperature and humidity sensors; Provide RS485 communication interface.

Appearance of IX series new energy intelligent monitoring device products
External dimensions: 160mm x 80mm x 120mm

Installation method of IX series new energy intelligent monitoring device: embedded
Embedded hole size: 152mm x 76mm

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